Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thoughts on How Society is Divided - III

Presenting my grand theory on society - Ta Da!

Partly because I feel that the graph is fairly self-explanatory, and partly out of apathy, I will speak less here, and just explain the chart a little.

The circle stands for preservation. The circle with a top arrow stands for preservation while improving one's situation by conscious effort towards that end.

The down arrow is an inevitable trajectory for people in desperate circumstances who've given up the effort of even striving. The drunkards beating their wives for the money they bring from sweeping floors fall here. The wives fall in the strivers.

It's easy to imagine why anarchists come from where they come.

The role of noble elite is more difficult - a separate blog post - but has been perhaps the most critical one in shaping the modern world. For it was in their patronage where art, and ultimately schools of thought flourished. (I plan to write a defence for elitism in a separate post.) Back home, Akbar and Ashok, the noblest of elites, whose legacies are beyond question.

A line I will expound on later - the future of the world does not come from mere democratization, but the elitism which keeps these democracies noble.

Note a few of the elite migrate to the status of strivers. This is because even though they're born with an abilty to distinguish they trade that ability for resources. They act so much against their own convictions to achieve those resources that they lose what they had once and become strivers.

This also contains the cyncial intellectuals who choose to strive for something tangible rather than the intangibles they have started to lose faith in.

The thorns is the crown of thorns sitting on our head.

Here lie the people who perpetuate the tyrannies of existence of others. They smother the masses with pillows to rest their fat asses on. They control the media and put the world to an opiate fantasy, who unleash the propaganda and mediocrity, who unleash sanitised digestible realities, where even horror is a stimulant and not a weapon of anger, who drown the thoughts which veer from the mass hysteria to take a harsher look at reality.

Herein lies organised religion. Organized thought.

Herein lies the roots of mediocrity which is digging and eating into the core of our greatness.

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Bonkers said...

Gullu... This is a super 3X3, reminds me of RamC days... But two questions:

1) Where does 'Action' come in the sub-divisions?

2) More importantly, is not 'Action' a bigger force than 'Intellectualism', which can be argued to be some sort of 'Resource'...

What I am alluding to is this: Is a better matrix the one with "Resources" defined in a broader manner, including 'Intellectualism' on one axis and "Action" on the other?

The reason: Even if I do not have ANY resources in material sense of the word, I can apply my mental capacity and gain that. And if I have resources, I can always TRY (successfully or otherwise) to get some intellectuals around and learn. Net net, these two are fungible to an extent - of course, over time.

But 'Action' is the 'active ingredient' that leads to results from use of these resources... And leads to conclusions and utility creation from resources - both material and mental.

Makes sense? Or did I get your matrix completely wrong?