Saturday, August 15, 2009

Indepinde 2009

A couple of years ago, after I had just moved to Delhi, an American colleague asked me what we do on Independence Days.

Nothing, I told him. Since most of the roads are blocked because of VIP movement, and the prime minister's address to the nation as stimulating as a scratched Kumar Sanu CD, we sit home and scratch our butts.

No, Fourth of July parades?

No, sir.

No crackers?

No, sir.


So here's something to make the day more exciting. If you're in Delhi, leave for the red Fort (for other states, go where the CM is to unveil a flag) wearing some pretty ordinary cloths. If you have a beard or a skullcap handy, use it. Get a black polythene bag, stuff some tomatoes inside, and make way through the crowd where the elite commandos stand. Act suspicious, make sudden movements - do anything to catch their attention. Once you have it, run. Run for your life, clutching and waving the bag above your head, and do not stop even if you're asked to.

I promise you this - you'll definitely hear some crackers once you break clear from the crowd.

Anyway, as my prof HC Verma would have said, Happy Inde-Pinde.

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