Sunday, August 16, 2009

My name is Con?

Regarding the detention of SRK at Newark Link, the plot eerily follows SRK's forthcoming venture -- My Name is Khan. Sample this plotline from wikipedia - "At that time, Rizwan (Khan) is arrested and detained when authorities mistake his disability for "suspicious" behavior."

My curiosity was piqued after I read SRK saying he was detained because his name is Khan and not the usual "Because I have a Muslim name". SRK is perhaps the greatest marketing genius of our time - and I vaguely remembered the name of this venture of his.

And guess who's directing this movie - apna Karan Johar! SRk ka marketing chela jo uske kandhe par apne hits ki bandook taanta hai aur jaane kya kya aur tannaata hai...

Now, why do I feel this incident might have been a little doctored? Or perhaps being played up a little?

Btw, inspired by the plotline - a decade after this post 9-11 genre has been done to death - I'm inspired to announce the biopic of Mr Johar himself.

My name is Gaa*d(u).


M Functor said...

My name is also Khan, and when I went to US last year nobody singled me out because of my name at any US airport. However I was singled out at the Bangalore International Airport and made to wait while my colleague-who had similar papers and was immediately after me in the line had it easy. Since I was going abroad for the first time, I was very apprehensive of what will happen at the Frankfurt and Chicago airports based on the experience I had at Bangalore. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved when I was not given any special treatment at either Frankfurt or Chicago.

A month ago I experienced non-governmental racial profiling when I was denied a house on rent in HSR Layout Bangalore, because of my name. And this is not one of those examples where they make excuses and you can not be sure of the reasons. The house-owner clearly told me that he can not give it to me because I am a Muslim. However this is a different story and fit for a comment in your earlier post on the subject.

Regarding this SRK issue: Let me consider the two possibilities
1. Suppose this was a one off incident and does not have any pattern, then it does not make any sense to make it an issue just because SRK is a well known person in India. As Rajeev Shukla would not have bothered if that person would have been HRK istead of SRK.
2. If there is a pattern to it then the Indian Government might have the data on it(several people might have complained) and if they didn't do anything about it this raises several questions, specially if they are raising it when a top film star had a similar experience.

M Functor said...

Its pathetic that Rajeev Shukla got to say all that and TOI published it on the Front Page. Look closely at what Shukla seems to be saying.