Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carefully Selected Garbage

Found this here:

The crassness of popular taste - it's been always burning, since the world's been turning

Come here, my dear, good, beautiful doggie, and smell this excellent perfume which comes from the best perfumer of Paris.

And the dog, wagging his tail, which, I believe, is that poor creature's way of laughing and smiling, came up and put his
curious nose on the uncorked bottle. Then suddenly, he backed away in terror, barking at me reproachfully.

"Ah miserable dog, if I had offered you a package of excrement you would have sniffed at it with delight and perhaps gobbled
it up. In this you resemble the public, which should never be offered delicate perfumes that infuriate them, but only carefully selected garbage."

- Charles Baudelaire

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Alam said...

I smell “elitism”

Here’s my dose of gyan -
Staying humble is almost opposite of elitism.

I believe that staying humble an essential requirement for those who have any pretence of ability, skill, knowledge or wisdom.

Cause lack of humility tends to overshadow (otherwise commendable) virtues