Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Got up at 6:30 and biked with Vikram to Bheemeshwari. Went along the unbelievably potholed Helagur road but returned by Sathnur which, tho' not exactly the cheeks of Hema Malini, is a far better approach to the place.

Had breakfast of Idlis and tea at Kanakpura along the way.

Reaching Bheemeshwari photographed some monkeys and then came across a langar around a temple construction. Despite the full stomach, the pulyogiri offered in banana leaves relit the appetite :).

After taht took a dip at the brook. Lots of local kids who offered some interesting snapping opportunities.
Caught some silk farmers on the return trip. You can see the worm in the foto taht has just finished spinning its web. The farmer gave us some fresh coccoons and asked us to dip them in boiling overnite for the silk. Otherwise, the moth would emerge in a few days. You could feel the worm burrowing inside. Could not do it. So gave mine to Vikram.

Vikram is a very special friend. We don't share any past. Just the French and these trips. No chips on the shoulders, just good times.

I think I am independent enough now to not need shoulders to cry on and ears to confide in. I just want to have a good time and intelligent conversation.

In the evening, Manju dropped by with that cute 5 year old Nabbu. San's bday was on and so went to Chandni Chowk - San, Prachi, Tammy, Manju, Nabbu and me. Nabbu told em about some friend of his and I pulled his little legs a little as I asked in all mock-seriousness whether he was sure he was a friend and not just a casual acquaintance. Had he tested the mettle of the so-called friendship yet?

Nice end to a lovely day.

The world - according to the media


erupted in protest over Greg Chappell's comments against Indian MPs, with demonstrators burning the coach's effigy and demanding that he be sacked immediately.
At Kalighat in the southern part of the city, around 30-35 members of 'Cricket Lovers Association' raised slogans against the Australian coach saying he has insulted not only the Indian MPs but also the entire nation.

30-35 people make Kolkata.
That means if I collect the three floors of my apartment building (each floor housing 4 flats) and protest against, say, women being allowed to drive cars, I can claim to speak for an entire city of only a few millions.

This from Indian Express.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Had a short theatre thingee yesterday night at Hotel Ista. Just a small playlet prepared for a corporate audience. Kanchan was also playing a part. Directed by Arka. Just for the heck of it. Tho' had a verrrry delicious apricot filled chicken breast as a result. One of the best dishes I have ever tasted.
Yesterday, in the noon was caught in the rains, after dining with Firoza Vikram and Arvind, at Brigade Road. Had gone to get a UV filter for the camera. Quite an interesting subject lay before and clicked a few.

Today, I did nothing. Decidedly so :). San and Prachi did go to see a Hindustani classical music concert but ditched coz it would have taken more than 6 hours. Wanted time just with myself. But Vibhas and later N Singh dropped in. Didn't mind it :). Clicked some snaps with Vibhas on the terrace.
Vibhas is still trying to get into too many things at once.

Bertrand Russell describes 3 levels of unhappy people. One of them is the Narcissus - one who is obsessed with himself and does stuff because the end looks good to him. But he hasn't thot about the process of getting there or rather just not the route but not the perseverance and tribulation that goes into achieving.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The past 2 days...

Stumbled from one revelry to another this weekend.
Thursday, came home from work and some theatre practice to get a call from Sabby taht his bachelor party was on at Enigma.
Entered to find a crowd of strangers. Four pitchers later, we were bosom buddies.
Went back to their place and had more booze. Enigma waiters had been pretty indifferent( which is a euphemestic way to say taht they were downright rude).Umesh avenged the umpteen putdowns handed to us by just walking out with the beer mug he was drinking in. I am sure his parents must be really proud of him today.

Nsingh and Vibhas dropped by yesterday to create a joint family scene.

Tammy also came back yesterday. Clicked some snaps of hers and Prachi trying to be the bad girls. Prachi was hilarious as you can judge for yourself.

Tammy has a very photogenic face. Very clear skin and if I increase the brightness, the effects can be very interesting.

Anyway, we went to Angeethi from there where Tammy had her first paan.

Today, I am meeting the old French gang - Firoza, Deepthi, Arvind, Vikram and (hopefully) Karthik for lunch. Have a small production at Hotel Ista after that.

thank gaye bhai...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It finally happened.
After a two-year hiatus, I went back to theater.

We had three shows spanning Friday and Saturday last week at Alliance Francaise which were sold out. I am a bit taken aback by the success . No doubt the performance and execution was good but I feel that the response has been more over-whelming than expected. I think part of the reason is also the pathetic theater scene at Bangalore. So much so that if a play can be performed with its actors taking the cues, remembering their lines and giving passable backtalk - it is a success.
But, of course, it was a great play and am happy to be finally a part of it.
The play was based on 12 Angry Men - a1950s play/movie about the conflict in each of us when we are made to sit to judge others. The conflict of our reason vs. our own beliefs, biases and prejudices.

Ranjon Da played the judge, debating whether a petty Muslim youth had murdered his father or not while we played the 12 jury members that debated the question in his mind.

But, no doubt, this play belongs to Riju (right).

Entirely his baby.

And getting 14 schedules, tempers and actors' egos in sync has defintely made him more patient.

After the production, we had a get-together at RanjonDa's place - Yellow Submarine.

It was really exhilerating to discuss the subtelities with 14-15 different personalities who understand theater and acting - some almost as good an actor as yourself. See the snap below of the discussion.

In all, a good experience.