Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Artless and honest article - Should we really feel embarrassed of our parents?

Over the past few months, I have felt some honest emotional core missing from all the articles that I have read. There have been excellent articles to be sure – Suhel Seth’s roast, the expose on Kahani– and I do not even expect all articles to take me on an emotional hyperdrive. The famous letter to a Punju Boy is at best a rant, and not the best that has been written on the same theme, and its follow-up seems to be more a desperate bid to cash on an unexpected windfall as it rather incorrectly makes it a boys-vs.-single-girl crusade and works on a rather incurious logic that while bloggers are free to rant as viciously and stereotypically as they want, it being their blog, the commentators have to follow some norms defined by the very intemperate blogger.
Certain people on facebook have to end everything, everything, on a punchline. Seriously.
Then there are some favorite bloggers once who now have to have an armchair-side opinion on all themes they ever broached. So much so that when something happens, a cricketer retires, something else becomes topical, I can turn to their blogs in a couple of days and know there will be a post waiting for me there. Topical, vehement, but hollow.
In that respect, this article touched me with its honesty. It is what it is – what the author feels about, she has not been pushed to it by something that came in the news and is going to invite a lot of eyeballs if cashed on immediately, but something that touched her – simply. It is sentimental, because it is truly heartfelt and she does not have to cover with cleverness and punchlines.

Monday, April 02, 2012

A new low, yet again: Rahul Vatsa in CNN IBN

What's with CNN-IBN and their contempt for movies?
First, you have to bear the bloated mustachioed Masand offering his cliches for every movie, making you wonder at the ways of the world which pays this man to do what he does. Now this is the level of class II-level humour that you have to now read through by some Rahul Vatsa . It reads me like an idiot  sitting beside you and insisting on regaling you with his wit and you just wanting to shut him up to focus on the dirt under your fingernails. For me, this article definitely heralds a new low of such worthless unprintable inanities appearing in other-wise (still) respectable prints.

And what's with the utterly Zero-Percentilish language?