Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello, I love you. Would you be my fan?

What the fuck is this new fan thing in facebook going on?

I got an invite to become a fan of a rock group some of my batchmates in IIT have started. I hold absolutely very high respect for them since they’ve taken the road few take, persevered for a decade, and realised their dream. But I am not a fan of their music.

Similarly, I got an invite to be a fan of IIT by another batchmate. What the hell does a fan of an institution mean??? Freedictionary defines a fan as (a person who admires or is enthusiastic about a pop star, actor, sport, or hobby) Exactly. Because there’s something specific the fan is enthused about. What am I a fan of – the food, the professors, all the students who ever went there, all the students sitting there in the night time in front of the laptops shagging to glory, its architecture, the bogs, the turds that drop through it, the SIS guards shooing away the stray cattle, or the sum totality of all this? If it’s an institution I really have to choose, I would rather choose casual sex.

Today, I met two authors. When I asked one of them for his email address he told me that he has a fan community in Facebook I can join. Taken aback, I blurted – But I am not your fan (I haven’t even read the dude’s book.). He seemed to be more taken aback and told me to send an invite in Facebook instead.

Now I am asked to be a fan of a company I’ve never heard of.

It’s time someone starts a “doesn’t care a shit about” invite. Then see the memberships multiply.

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