Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where there is God

My landlord's only request, besides the bankrupting rent requested, was that a simple plaque on the door be left in its slightly damaded condition, with no further damages of course.

I have looked at this plaque for three months and an odd nagging feeling (similar to the one that I have that movie stars are making a lot of moolah) in me insists that the words in the plaque are incomplete.

Hence, I will try to complete the words.

Where there is no need,
there is no desire;
Where there is no desire,
there are "Not tonight Honey! I have a headache";
Where there are headaches,
there is frustration;
Where there is frustration,
There is adultery.
Hence, faith and adultery are two sides to the same coin.


Oracle said...

you c everything is relative and this dichotomy is the Maya.
On a less obfuscatory note , i saw Crash , the movie, this morn and noticed you look a bit like Matt Dillon! :)

Oracle said...

cudn't help noticing the above. don't mind ok.