Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thoughts for the day

1. Every institution, nothwithstanding the nobility of intention taht created it, ultimately, becomes a tyranny taht seeks to perpetuate itself at all costs.

2. Bisexuality is so much easier for girls.

3. Stagnation rots - people and civilizations.

4. Notwithstand Jung, everything DOES boil down to sex and infancy.


Anonymous said...

yure on a bloggers high since youve come back! every word drips meaning and conviction and passion! loved the first thought. i had similar thoughts after the communist party' conduct during the nandigram episode.

also in all sorts of public debate, theres an utter lack of conscience and authenticity it seems. its just "us against them, and we must win no matter what"


Bland Spice said...

thanks dude:)

long time since i have seen a post at your place!