Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Moving to Delhi

There is a sense of vulnerability and solitude when you're shifting.

Suddenly, you're without a roof over you.
the apple and peach you painted for the kitchen door has to be pealed down now for it never was your kitchen door.
The posters torn, the old, weather-beaten shoes which hugged you in this and that trek to be left over for the cook or the maid.
The small nothings, the books - suddenly homeless and in indifferent and cold cartons.

In life we try to define ourselves by the things we buy. Not the essential utilities; but the skull shaped pen-stand or the cute little pendant key-chain. Sifting through them and touching them over - LucknowKanpurBombayChicagoBangaloreTokyoDelhi - it's as if a different era altogether now.


Archana said...

Wish You Luck!

Bland Spice said...

thanks... :)

Anonymous said...

finally unpacked your stuff/books there??

Bland Spice said...

nope... am planning to do that at the end of the month... no energy right now :(