Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Isn't it funny...

1. ... that girls fall for your perceived strengths, and yet love you for your weaknesses.

2. The louder the voice, the less the substance.

3. People harping on "East or west, India is the best" have seen neither much of the FarEast nor the West.

4. We crave simplicity, but are in a juggernaut of more and more complexity.


moimystique said...

ahh the 4th point is so true

moonshine said...

i'll like to add the following ponderables:

1. Despite the growing world poplation , ppl still see a birth as two more hands to work rather than extra moth to feed.

2. Critics from India, who go ga ga over China's progress refuse make allowances for the political setup there.

3. Education makes one a man, what would it take to make one a human

Anonymous said...

ya thats very funny hahaha