Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Anne Frank Redux

Lines from the diary - “If God existed, he certainly wouldn’t allow living people to be pushed into ovens, the heads of little children to be broken open, or people to be stuffed into sacks and gassed to death.”

I agree. The next person who says that this is the way god tests us should have his babies' heads smashed against the side of the boxcars; like the ones used to transport Jews to Auschwitz.



moimystique said...

hey,exactly wat i was thinkin today..the book was in today's paper

Anonymous said...

Its stupid to say that hardtimes were created to test the mettle of humankind. They are here just to remind us that there is somthing more to than what meets the eye. As in, had the world been a happy place we wud not have found a need for an entity called God. Remmember the times whn u look heavenward with appeal, it is usually when you are most desperate. Hence the need. That everything is maya- which i have named as insanity- and that there are things to be found beyond.

Bland Spice said...

But what then about this senseless and unmitigated cruelty; neither human nor divine?

Bland Spice said...

I agree in essence with the beyond.

My point was that what lies beyond is more perverse (or maybe even more sublime) than what the grossly simplistic concept of God captures.