Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Indians by the dozen

A friend has just reached US and settling in. She's on an onsite project.
She's staying in a $69 a day hotel room and shares a car with a colleague. Another senior colleague from the desh, in tow with wife and kid, has rented his own car. Now the project manger there frets over the cost and has decided to move these Indian resources to a cheaper hotel and allow only a single car for the trio.

Fair enough, if the budget is such a bother.

But the project has another Indian, in fact the youngest of the lot. She's joined the co. straight from some Dallas university and is, hence, entietled to an unquestioned $109 hotel accomodation and a car of her own to insulate her hallowed holiness from Desi airs.

The friend in question also did her MS from US; but commited theunpardonable indiscretion of returning back ot the country and working for the company for four straight years.

When I listened to the saga over the phone, my take was - expose the hypocricy, no matter what the final decision be. And come back and take on a pending offer from an all-out India company; peacefully reassured of being treated unfairly sometimes but equally so.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

market saturation for indians !in that scenario differential treatment bound to happen. It is no longer the indian identity alone, there are other factors as work also.

Anonymous said...

All out Indian companies are no better. In fact my personal experience show them to be worse. I've seen companies pocket over 35% directly and over 10% potentially subject to the employees actual expenditure, out of the onsite living and travel expenses billed to the videshi client. This is all based on whats charged versus the expenditure limits imposed on employees. But $69 a day seems a bit too low, even for a single person. Blame the desi fin dept.

Bland Spice said...