Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The world - according to the media


erupted in protest over Greg Chappell's comments against Indian MPs, with demonstrators burning the coach's effigy and demanding that he be sacked immediately.
At Kalighat in the southern part of the city, around 30-35 members of 'Cricket Lovers Association' raised slogans against the Australian coach saying he has insulted not only the Indian MPs but also the entire nation.

30-35 people make Kolkata.
That means if I collect the three floors of my apartment building (each floor housing 4 flats) and protest against, say, women being allowed to drive cars, I can claim to speak for an entire city of only a few millions.

This from Indian Express.


sparkle said...

A better compare n contrast pls!

Dingi said...

Gullu.. In Kolkata, 30-35 does mean a nation....

Just as a fine inning yesterday means Dada is BACK!

Bland Spice said...

he he
won't be surprised if they're jsut setting Dada up for the big game