Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It finally happened.
After a two-year hiatus, I went back to theater.

We had three shows spanning Friday and Saturday last week at Alliance Francaise which were sold out. I am a bit taken aback by the success . No doubt the performance and execution was good but I feel that the response has been more over-whelming than expected. I think part of the reason is also the pathetic theater scene at Bangalore. So much so that if a play can be performed with its actors taking the cues, remembering their lines and giving passable backtalk - it is a success.
But, of course, it was a great play and am happy to be finally a part of it.
The play was based on 12 Angry Men - a1950s play/movie about the conflict in each of us when we are made to sit to judge others. The conflict of our reason vs. our own beliefs, biases and prejudices.

Ranjon Da played the judge, debating whether a petty Muslim youth had murdered his father or not while we played the 12 jury members that debated the question in his mind.

But, no doubt, this play belongs to Riju (right).

Entirely his baby.

And getting 14 schedules, tempers and actors' egos in sync has defintely made him more patient.

After the production, we had a get-together at RanjonDa's place - Yellow Submarine.

It was really exhilerating to discuss the subtelities with 14-15 different personalities who understand theater and acting - some almost as good an actor as yourself. See the snap below of the discussion.

In all, a good experience.


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