Sunday, November 19, 2006

Had a short theatre thingee yesterday night at Hotel Ista. Just a small playlet prepared for a corporate audience. Kanchan was also playing a part. Directed by Arka. Just for the heck of it. Tho' had a verrrry delicious apricot filled chicken breast as a result. One of the best dishes I have ever tasted.
Yesterday, in the noon was caught in the rains, after dining with Firoza Vikram and Arvind, at Brigade Road. Had gone to get a UV filter for the camera. Quite an interesting subject lay before and clicked a few.

Today, I did nothing. Decidedly so :). San and Prachi did go to see a Hindustani classical music concert but ditched coz it would have taken more than 6 hours. Wanted time just with myself. But Vibhas and later N Singh dropped in. Didn't mind it :). Clicked some snaps with Vibhas on the terrace.
Vibhas is still trying to get into too many things at once.

Bertrand Russell describes 3 levels of unhappy people. One of them is the Narcissus - one who is obsessed with himself and does stuff because the end looks good to him. But he hasn't thot about the process of getting there or rather just not the route but not the perseverance and tribulation that goes into achieving.

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