Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Got up at 6:30 and biked with Vikram to Bheemeshwari. Went along the unbelievably potholed Helagur road but returned by Sathnur which, tho' not exactly the cheeks of Hema Malini, is a far better approach to the place.

Had breakfast of Idlis and tea at Kanakpura along the way.

Reaching Bheemeshwari photographed some monkeys and then came across a langar around a temple construction. Despite the full stomach, the pulyogiri offered in banana leaves relit the appetite :).

After taht took a dip at the brook. Lots of local kids who offered some interesting snapping opportunities.
Caught some silk farmers on the return trip. You can see the worm in the foto taht has just finished spinning its web. The farmer gave us some fresh coccoons and asked us to dip them in boiling overnite for the silk. Otherwise, the moth would emerge in a few days. You could feel the worm burrowing inside. Could not do it. So gave mine to Vikram.

Vikram is a very special friend. We don't share any past. Just the French and these trips. No chips on the shoulders, just good times.

I think I am independent enough now to not need shoulders to cry on and ears to confide in. I just want to have a good time and intelligent conversation.

In the evening, Manju dropped by with that cute 5 year old Nabbu. San's bday was on and so went to Chandni Chowk - San, Prachi, Tammy, Manju, Nabbu and me. Nabbu told em about some friend of his and I pulled his little legs a little as I asked in all mock-seriousness whether he was sure he was a friend and not just a casual acquaintance. Had he tested the mettle of the so-called friendship yet?

Nice end to a lovely day.


sparkle said...

Good click brook n especially the silk worms.
The last but one para of ur post ..made me think a little.
I hav often wondered would life not be better without any emotions, but then that would not be life, the feeling of awakening is so pure.
Life is like a bowl that can be filled, and we choose to put emotions as anger, pain, hatred, sorrow, success, failure, depression, joy n what not...
How long can u keep on filling this little bowl..Is it not very obvious that
u need a shoulder...not only to shed two drops of tear but for n other things..Even if i talk bot the philo of tear bottles used in the ancient ages, even that has to be emptied..It is better to pour to a fren than to keep brooding over the same thing again n again..This is jus wat i have felt n experienced..

Bland Spice said...

hmm at some level, your words have truth.
but i am so confidence of my independence now that i don't feel the need to confide my innermost thots in anyone as I did once. I still feel pain, anger and joy but the knowledge that I know how I feel is enough.
It's just a state of mind I am comfortable with for a couple of years now.

sparkle said...

I have never felt that it is good idea to confide innermost thots to ny one..
Even i keep these songs of requiem to my heart..But at times of overflow, i hav felt the need to pour it out completely..

Bland Spice said...

do you have a confidant in that sense?

Even I do, in that sense. Someone who understands my amorality and fears/shortcomings. But tho' it feels good to have someone to understande me in taht sense, I still don't feel the need to confide...

sparkle said...

"Even I do, in that sense"..Whadya do?
Well atleast for me, I am my own confidant..Who else can understand me better than myself..
Jus lying in the attic and thinking bot myself has given me so much ponder... I agree that it always feels good to be mollycoddled (atleast for me) and i doubt if u can find any one on earth where you can revela urself completely N if at all u do, naturally u start confiding in that person(atleast i think i wud), cos u chose him/her exclusively for tat matter..

sparkle said...

sorry for the first line..got wat u were trying to say!

sparkle said...