Thursday, January 07, 2010

A very bad idea

I have been sent an invite to join the community for a book whose description runs thus:

He could've had everything. If only he had said 'Thank you'.

In September, the month when IITians do distinctly Non-IITian things, Samar was having the time of his life. With Rock shows, JAM sessions, debates and politics, his life resembled a colorful graffiti. Adding chaos to this randomness were his three partners-in-crime, Pranav, Skimpy and Jiya. Together they made sure that life was impossibly wild and barely legal.

Things hit a crescendo when Samar found himself as the front runner in the race for the head of the student body at IIT. And that is when the tide began to turn, in a way Samar could have never imagined. A casual ambition threatened to come true, and threw at Samar dilemmas which would stump any IITian with a pair of glasses.
Dilemmas which required skills not taught in any classroom, including the secret art of disaster management.

I can't wait for this one to come out.


Kholu said...

"secret art of disaster management" now this is new

Pankaj said...

wow yaa, life in IIT is just as i had imagined it.