Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten things that might happen if you read this...

  1. You will get confused about your sexual orientation.
  2. You will be in your job for another five years.
  3. Your kids will grow up hating you.
  4. Your sexual organs will shrink an inch a year.
  5. Your lack of congress will lead to prolonged chintan baithaks.
  6. You will be molested by a six year old - and, no, you won't enjoy it.
  7. You will discover that you have overestimated your bankbalance by a factor of ten.
  8. Your mother and sister(s) will abuse you with mother-sister stuff.
  9. You will ram into a jeep full of Jat policemen and your car will stall and you cell phone battery will die.
  10. The only thing that will keep you from killing yourelf is your conviction that you'll fail even at that.
So do not read this.


Pankaj said...

what the....!

Makybe Diva said...

hehehehehehehe ..

copy this post 10 more times in your blog else

you may become horny everytime you see a buffalo !