Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pure unadulterated question

I recently came across the term "pure unadulterated shit".

What is pure shit? A shit comes from everything you eat - which is the purest form of shit then?The shit that you get from eating shit alone?

And who would try to adulterate shit? And what would they adulterate it with? Milk, cashew, raisin, chocolate nuggets?

I advise you to take the rest of the day off, ignore your parents, spouse, children - in fact thrash the hell out of them if they dare disturb you - and mull over these deep metaphysical questions.


Bonkers said...

Pure: Of unmixed blood or ancestry

Unadulterated: Out-and-out; utter

Shit: 1. Excrement, 2. A mean or contemptible person, 3. A narcotic or intoxicant, such as marijuana or heroin, 4. Insolent talk or behavior, 5. Trouble or difficulty.

So "Pure Unadulterated Shit" can mean - among other things - the best grass in the world or an absolute asshole!

Kholu said...

gullu did not take me long to figure this one out..... "its what u post on bland spice"

gayatri said...

hahaa teri le li Kholu ne

Pankaj said...


Nothing Spectacular said...

HAHAHAHA - Kholu's comment is priceless :-) Pure and unadulterated!

pankajunk said...

they used to adulterate dhania powder with horse dung. its time for dhania's revenge.

ramya sriram said...