Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stories in two sentences

She started crying mid-sentence.
‘Why do you put up with that bastard then?’, he put a hand tentatively over hers, eyeing her tits and wondering if this might mean that he get to hold them some time soon.

The old woman seated beside him briefly laid a palm over his hand, and pressed it, as she grunted up to her feet.
His eyes blurred and his hand flinched when the woman released it.

No, she screamed inside.
Yes, she smiled, and felt the faces staring at her relax.


Faiz said...

The second story is tremendous. Brilliant and very very powerful!

1st one is also nice .. couldnt get the last one though ..

gayatri said...

You should have used breasts instead of tits. Tits sounds too colloquial.

Makybe Diva said...
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Bland Spice said...

G: Tits is used because the man is thinking of the breasts in this vulgar term only.

Makybe/ Faiz: The third story is derived from something I have seen: in families, the girl has to kill her own desires and concede her future to the pressure - all under the pretence of haven given the choice. The choice is illusionary - the girl has to sacrifice.

Makybe Diva said...

Cool .. by the way i deleted my post How'd you know what i asked ?

ramya sriram said...

i'd like to believe the girl has a choice, or maybe i am disillusioned.

like your sudden spurts of stories-2 sentences or more.

ramya sriram said...

i think you forgot
you said you'll
drop me a mail

sometime last year
should i wait
or should i assume

you're still thinking? :P