Friday, April 17, 2009

Death to Roadies

I think they should let people die sometimes in Roadies. It’s killing all the fun – all the ropes attached to the waist, the cranes, the extra large float jackets.
I am serious. It’s killing the show. If I had been in the show I would know whatever happens, I can’t die.
And in real-life adventure sports, the thrill, and the biggest fear you have to face, is the proximity and the possibility of death – or at least serious injury. Someone I know used to run on the parapets of the hostel’s terrace – I personally only managed to mount it once and trying to pee which I couldn’t. It’s quite not the same thing (the running) as doing it with a cable attached to your back and connected to a giant crane atop, right?
Imagine what the show would have become if Palak had been eaten by a crocodile or Sufi would have drowned. Or the balloon collapsed on Pradeep and he would have been shrink-wrapped to death. Now that would end the TRPs soaring.
If it’s not illegal for people to be stupid in real life, why is it so in TV shows?

And this was not a sarcastic post.


gayatri said...

Completly agree with u. One of the reasons I never fear all these joy rides/roller coasters in fun-parks is that I know (at least I am assured) they are mostly safe. So no fear factor there.

TradeExpress said...

lol....nobody escapes the temptation of "roadies".

ramya sriram said...

hehehe.. i couldnt sit thru a single episode! i find it a bit annoying.