Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy new year

Last night was like every other night for me – came at seven, slept till nine, ate and read till three.
I accidently switched off my mobile and hence I really didn’t get to know when the hour came and went.

2008 was a funk for me. Workwise, after the initial euphoria of 2007 ebbed, I found frustration at the bureaucracy – tho’ t’was better than most years before. Socially, I was alone most of the year: despite having some great friends nearby and a family within an overnight journey, I didn’t mingle as much as I could have. My social etiquettes – answering mails, calls, posts and staying in touch – never the pride of Lucknow, took further beating. I didn’t travel much. I read a quarter of the books I must have read two years ago. I didn’t do any theatre; nor watched much of it. I didn’t watch a lot of movies and so on –

2009 is probably going to be one of the most important years for me – in more ways than one. I hope I can look back next year same time, and say that 2008 was the year that made 2009 possible.
And I hope I can start giving my family and friends more time this year.

Happy New Year.


Makybe Diva said...

Wish you Happy prosperous New Year to you too !

ramya sriram said...

Happy new year.

Had a weekly dose of your blog in 2008:) hope to see lots more.

Faiz said...

amen :)

subbu said...

I hear you, man...I actually have a t-shirt that says - SSDY - Same Shit, Different Year