Sunday, January 11, 2009

Comment o' the day

Comment from Rediff article on Satyam CFO arrest

"When you manufacture something, you can see and feel the product. While when you do the IT, you produce a computer code which may or may not be useful later on. Therefore, manufacturing is the way India should go. A soap manufacturing company is infinitely more superior to an IT company, whether from the contributions to the nation or from the point of view of employment generation. South India is all IT based, which is like Maya. Today its there, tomorrow it will be gone."

By the same logic of the infinite superiority of the tangible on the intangible, fucking is far more superior to loving.


TradeExpress said...

that's the dumbest argument i've ever heard. reminds me of that movie "utsav" where a murder accused is brought in front of the king. the king whispers to his minister "do you think hes a murderer?". the minister says "he doesnt look like one". the king says "acquitted".

i might not agree with the persons argument, but ive wondered if the basis of India's development isnt too flimsy - the IT industry. especially roles like testing, which is barely more than pressing buttons to ensure that they work. my own skill set - web marketing, seems to have a tremendously low threshold and it seems like just about anybody could do it and steal my job. maybe this is a frivolous argument, since IT represents a sphere which will sustain and grow for a long long time.

subbu said...

What a bunch of BS...what about the 'code' that powers your surgeon's equipment when he's trying to keep you alive...a guy who can write code can save a life, launch a rocket, create a bridge or a road, and save your ass through superior wheel drive design when u r drunk and trying to reach home.

Who writes such comments on rediff anyways?