Monday, December 29, 2008

Which creed are you?
Tired of taking decisions for yourself?
Racked in doubts over what you believe in and what you don’t?

No worries no more.

Now in your own neighborhood – Fellowships to Arrogate Right to Think for Yourself (F.A.R.T.Y)

Determine your set of believe by filing in details regarding:

What clothes you wear
The length of your hair
The number of times you pray
The size and shape of skull-cap or turban you wear

And get your scores in 7 days.

If you think you are what you are – a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh – think again. In fact, don’t think at all. Let FARTY decide for you.

In case you still disagree with our results sms us at 6969 and we’ll send around a bunch of goons to burn your house and lynch your family.

For more details, keep watching the news.

1 comment:

TradeExpress said...

"Men or women with trimmed hair, moustaches and beard are neither Sikh nor Sehajdari Sikh"

make way for the moustached punjabi hottie.

b.t.w - the "sarrr, iske baare mein kuch nahi bolneka!!" article was hillarious.