Thursday, May 29, 2008

On silence

  1. A silence shared is worth a thousand conversations.
  2. Life teaches you silence.
  3. A moment, a life, an eternity - a silence.
  4. Noise - cacopohonous Bollywood numbers, strident K serials scores, screaming headlines, howling critics, stacatto of ad spots, the mumble, the grumble. All fighting for your mind, you soul in the sheepskin of 'contemporarily relevant'.
  5. The opposite of silence is not sound. It is a man talking to himself, justifying to himself why the fact that he's a dumb lazy fuck is the world's responsibility.


moimystique said...

coincidence or wat? .. latest post.

TradeExpress said...

talking of coincidences!!! the song im listening to a lot nowadays is "sound of silence". (i dont have such romantic notions of silence tho. i wish id speak more. an enjoyment of silence is an indication of a peaceful soul i guess. im so neurotic that i could explode). we all enjoy (or suffer) a collective bloggers psychic unconscious it seems!