Thursday, April 24, 2008


'There was this lady in ITT. Not exactly beautiful but very... very humpable. Really great ass. Matlab samajh raha hai na...’

Yup, I am.

‘ Uska, na, divorce ho chukaa tha. And she had a six year old son then. She was a single mom’, he takes a deep drag and passes the joint to me, ‘Woh office mein ek bande ko thokte huye pakdee gayi!'

I take a drag and watch the fumes hang like a cloud in the still, hot air, ‘You mean make out.’

‘Nahi. Thokte huye!’

It’s still probably just make out.

‘Someone from the office?’, I ask.

'Nahi, I don’t think so.'

‘So did they turn her out or anything?’

‘Of course, bhai. What do you think?!?’

I think that it’s not exactly an ‘of course’ case.

‘So was she financially liquid at that time?’


‘I mean you said she had a kid...’

‘Arre, mere ko kya pata, bhai!’


We finish the joint between us, looking out at the eighth-floor power-cut darkness beyond the balcony.

V sort of moans, ‘Yaar, if she was looking out, she could have asked me!’

‘Hmm? Yeaa...’

‘What are you thinking?’

‘Nothing. Damn hot. Let's roll another one.'


V lights a flame under the hash while I sit waiting in the darkness staring at the red-white blip of an airplane climbing the sky.

Be a good son, kid. That’s the least you can do.


Nothing Spectacular said...

poignant.. but she probably will do just fine!

TradeExpress said...
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TradeExpress said...

spectacular..who is "jess fine"?

poignant is not the word..the word is...tittilating!