Saturday, April 05, 2008

After a break-up...

Things that change

  1. No body calls you with a "Kahaan ho?" unless they want to catch a drink with you. (slightly exaggerated)
  2. You stop caring whether the toilet seat is up or not.
  3. The maid routine lasts a lot lesser in the morning.
  4. You can have a week old stubble and nobody cares.
  5. You smoke in the room; and not the balconies.
  6. You become a minor guest at the parties of married friends.
  7. You start looking; but nobody looks back at you now.
  8. Your phone bills reduce by 95%.
  9. You can have parties and binges till midnight and no one sulks in the other room.
  10. The mood swings from day to day are more wild.

Things that don't change

  1. The world still rotates.
  2. Your parents still love you.

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