Monday, December 04, 2006

What lies beneath

I can never be a "great" man. I am a terrible listener. My ears only prick at the unusual. A man tellnig me 10 great places to invest in tomorrow so that I can reap 100% a week afterwill lose me. But if he mentions just a little about a friend who shits standing up, I am all ears.

Since childhood, my fascination has been two fold - stories and the people in those stories. I like seeing people. The way they move, scratch and mutter. I discovered this when a friend from school met me last month and told me this. In IIMB, I had a guy named Anurag Hans sitting next to me and he followed the same interest. We had a whale of a time discussing why everybody wore the clothes they had worn to the class then, which of the guy might turn out to be a wife-beater, dear old Vibhor Kumar and other odd topics.

Now that I have started clicking a few, I find that it's again people that interest me. Caught unawares. I hate getting fotografed and fotografing people striking a pose. A digitalSLR gives me the freedom of keep on clicking till the person drops the pose and gets oblivious to my antics and gives me something more soulful.

Here is a collage of people who have interested me in the past 2 months and whom I have clicked.

Top - San, Nilanjan, San, Srijit, Prachi, Me (clicked accidentally)
Middle - Prachi, Prachi, Ronjon Da, the very handsome and very young Raheem, my favorite subject - Rajeev
Bottom - San, Vibhas, Gulshan, Tara, Vibhas, Tammy

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