Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Cruel Intentions

Of all the shitload of teen movies to come out in the recent years, it is this adaptation of "Dangerous Liasons" that has interested me. The film revolves around the amoral duplicity in the lives of super-rich kids and their games.
See it if you stil haven't. Nice treatment and an amazingly good-looking cast.


Makybe Diva said...

Apparently, this has come in 3 parts..Part 3 is nice as well .. whereas part 2 lots of scenes are replica ..also talking bout teen movies have u watched American Pie Series , hilarious too..

Bland Spice said...

i have :)

but the spate of teen movies has usually meant lowered IQ standard (esp. the untalented inc. prodn. Scary Movies series)

Cruel intentions surprised m with tis relevance and substance (however thin :) ).

Anonymous said...

and sebastian valmont become an idol