Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cruddy similes

Inspired by a pathetic simile I read.

Disclaimer: I do not think like this most times.

He smiled confidently as he stepped into the interview room, calm confidence brimming within like an overflowing bog in a public latrine.

She screamed in terror as if she had seen the NDTiwari video unblurred.

The child’s sweet song oozed into his ears, a balm, like the cool liquid that alleviated the agitation in his crotch’s fungal growth.

Christmas was a quiet affair with the family, suffused with a warm fuzzy happiness, like a hand inside one’s own underwear on a cold night.

He frowned and mulled deeply over the problem, rolling it between his fingers, feeling its texture and shape, an unidentifiable something dug from inside his ass and just alluding description.

He surfaced from the perfect dive and floated on his back, eyes shut and at perfect peace, his smooth brown body like a turd in the smooth expanse of the sea.

1 comment:

Japinder Gill said...

Urgh......Truly in Bad Taste! :P

I read the first....happiness overflowing like a clogged public latrine and I was like "Happiness and public latrine!" More "yucks" followed :D