Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why the hell should Broad apologize?

A man gets shot at, He slams the security arrangement for letting him get into this situation – Now he’s being asked to apologize for this.

Even if Broad migh be mistaken, he is citing his opinion as a victim and not as a security expert declaring the results of an audit.

I think the only way we, the subcontinent, wear our pride is on the sleeves. Our security arrangements suck, people in our slums live like dogs – but you, the white man, can’t say it out. No matter the only representation you get in our movies is cruel British generals, WWF Bob Christo our 70 pound Jeetendra thrashes with his pinkie, white skimpily dressed females as testament to the globalization of our industry – but you can’t stereotype us.

Now, even if you get shot at, you can’t complain. We ask you to come after assuring you no one will shoot at you, but don’t say that we didn’t do our job well if you have to lie sprawled on the floor of a bus for a few inconvenient minutes while bullets whizzed around your ears.

Now see, you have hurt my emotions. I will play on the white man’s guilt of the ICC, and have you apologize. Just you see.

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Faiz said...

hmm ..

imho this post and the previous one (not the macchooo one :)) talk about this increasing trend to intrude into people's lives, to dictate how they talk, behave .. everything .. along lines of - "Should Sachin retire?" .. bluddy 'ell!

and that is not good .. heck, its not even cool