Monday, March 23, 2009

Memoirs of the first Indian Election

Inder Mahotra recounts first-hand experience of the first election held in India.

I remember reading a detailed catalogue of the logistics and mind-set challenges that had to be surmounted to hold the first election in 1952. in a book whose name I have forgotten around 2 years back.

Beside reminding me that there are so many forgotten heroes in shaping the history of our country - Sukumar Sen in this case , it was also the start of my discovering the much vilified Nehru as the man who gave India its institutions - secularism, seeds to green revolution, statesmanship and a functioning democracy - keeping at bay the tide of regionalism, casteism and communalism for as much time as to let these dig their roots inside, before forces of difference finally engulfed the structure and corroded its base.

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