Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The fury of the crowds

Close on the heels of the death of the Greater Noida CEO about whom I blogged yesterday (a little in bad taste), the Union Labor Minister has warned the (capitalist) management of the country and calls the mob violence a mere omen of "simmering discontent among the workers".

I would request all the ministers, all of them, to step outside the bungalows they refuse to evict at 11 on Friday and stand there without the cover of their Z+++ security. For just half an hour. The few ones that might be pulled still half alive from their burning stakes might then teach Mr. Oscar about how discontent really simmers.


Nothing Spectacular said...

i couldnt believe the guy actually said what he did. in any functional government, he should have been immediately suspended!!

ramya sriram said...

Howve you been.