Monday, September 22, 2008

Free market - UP ishtyle

CEO beaten to death in Noida
The chief executive officer of a company was on Monday beaten to death by a group of dismissed employees inside office premises after a meeting, called to resolve dispute between them and management, failed.
L K Chaudhury, CEO of Gradiano in Udyog Vihar of Greater Noida, was killed when the agitating workers turned violent and beat him up, Senior Superintendent of Police (Noida) R K Chaturvedi told PTI.
As the clash erupted, Chaturvedi said, a security guard opened fire in air.
About 20 people were injured in the clashes. Chaudhury was rushed to Kailash hospital where he was declared brought dead.
There were about 200 former employees inside the premises when the incident took place. They were dismissed two months back for some reasons and were since then protesting against it.

What say Vishesh? This qualifies under both the survival-of-the-fittest and the creative-destruction of th market beliefs of yours.
I think this is a whole paradigm of management theory - management through violence.


Nothing Spectacular said...

It does neither - it merely violates all rules of society, humanity and rationality. It is a sign of the mind-numbing stupidity of today. It shows a pathetic lack of character in our society.

Bland Spice said...

was kidding of course...

reading the details today, i think it is the age-old stigma of the manufacturing sector - intractable labour laws.

Reminded me of the horror stories from Vasanthi's HR classes from thestate of labor relationships in the 70s.