Sunday, July 20, 2008

Roads today

Went on to the Osian today with a new friend. Caught up a Japanese movie - Tokyo Sonata. A bit long but a good movie. An interesting company to boot. Had a hearty breakfast at Defence Colony of sausage-stuffed omlettes, bun maskas, tea, iced tea and chicken pie. Where we were seated, the light came in through a light green gauze of a curtain. There was an interesting profile shot of my friend reading the menu that I promised to catch in lens the next time around.

Came home and slept. and then caught up with a very old friend after a couple of months. Very old. Went to Huda market - had momos, a couple of rounds of tea, paranthas and some fags after a long time. Talked about - love, excitement and life: or rather the absence of all of them these days.

So, I spent the first half of the day laying new roads with someone; and the latter, revisiting old potted ones.

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