Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gullu Advice to the Nation on a Sunday

RAW (an acronym for Research and Analysis Wing and no reference to their investigative skills) has just declared that ISI is behind the Kabul blast. Gullu called up the Intelligence chief and told him that they should seriously investigate who was in the front of it too, besides the blown away gate, of course.

Indian Express reports that Mayawati has alleged that the Centre is using the CBI to target her. A visibly distresed Gullu immediately faxed the Centre the following text "STOP USING THE CBI! TARGET HER YOURSELF!"

Gullu is also confused by the incomplete phrase appearing in TOI - Spicejet chief resigns. Resigns to what? His proclivity to flash kids or just general fate?

Gullu has just read that Dr. Talwar is free again. People in Noida with ailments ( serious, hilarious or imaginary) should really avail this opportunity and go for the free consultation day today. If the good (if rather murderous) doctor refuses, citing such trivial reasons that his daughter got murdered and he's just come back for incarceration after two months, look perplexed and ask "Ok. But I still don't see what the issue is." Make sure that you do this when the doctor has a sharp scalpel in the hand and your throat is within slashing distance.

The IAEA is still reading the draft it seems. are they frigging dyslexic? Or is the print too small to be read?

CPM says it "can" support the BJP. Gullu is confused - of course, they can. In fact, they can all paint their body red and strut naked around the streets of Delhi on a hot summer day, nekked, and act like monkeys in heat. Is that what's been stopping them to do so, so far - the knowledge of the possibility they "can"? Sheesh, there are a million can's then. Starting with the possibility of a bunch of bananas in the chief's ass is an excellent beginning.

Gullu just read that panel TV has gas. He wants to ask if that explains the strange smells in the drawing room. Related to that, he wants to ask if he lives in a red house would he be still affected by the greenhouse gas effect.

Good Morning folks. Have a nice Sunday.

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