Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ants in the pants with regard only scants

1. Someone told me today she likes men with personality. What the hell does that mean?

Everybody has personality. Even a mousy looking, bespectacled and stuttering accountant (the example is according to the "standard" the girl was probably talking about). It might be wussy to you, but it's a personality all right - a wussy personality.

2. i hate the expression - "Believe you me". of course, it's the "you"the speaker is requesting the credibility of. that's how conversations work -- when you're speaking to someone, you're speaking to him. every time somebody says this, i want to scream - of course, it's going to be me! do you see anyone else around? just a way of stretching a short sentence by a syllable.

3. Over a discussion nmy beloved ChetanBhagat, somebody passed a judgement that language should always contain the most basic synonym. Just coz the generation today is too illiterate to know otherwise, out of the rich possibilities of synonyms, each with its own nuance, I am to call a simper a smile, an ebullience a shine, an so forth.

4. In another discussion, somebody advised me to never qualify verbs and adjectives with more adjectives and adverbs. and i was thinking, in a single sweep, this person has disqualified everything that i love McEwen and Banville for.

5. I am trying to squeeze in my first chetan bhagat between a Ben Okri and Rushdie. Enough said.

If you're one of those wasted Gen Mediocre, have a triple scoop sundae - chocolate, turd and butterscotch: and you'll know how it's like for me.


Chikloo said...

Couldn't agree more on the "Believe you me" argument.

It is almost like re-setting the level of conversation to wireless one sided conversation. Hello... Charlie 1,2,3!!! believe you me, even if anyone else is hearing this conversation, only you are required to believe me, no one else.

moimystique said...

good luck with the chetan bhagat :P