Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Days are rolling into years, and years into a lifetime of nothing.
I still walk alone, live alone and sleep alone.

Empty apartments.
Silent maids in the morning.
Indifferent dust on the CDs.
Empty fridge and inbox.
User busy.
The screaming silence of the room.

The irony of organizing an unshared space. An entire life.

I run through this dark, lonely path through the jungle and still see no road. Thick vines of mediocrity dragging me back.

I only see the edge approach now; and a fog beyond.

Somewhere, somehow, sometime - I have to break everything off and jump off this cliff.
Either land into freedom or die trying.


Alam said...


Ye dukhi aur aekley honey ki nautanki bund karo..

Mai maukey ka fayada utha kar gyan baant deta hoon -

Set your own targets ... do your own things .. follow your own interests .. get out of the rat race ... try and better your own self ...

Show interest in other's and they will show interest in you ... cause the world owes you nothing

Cheers up ... you are a smart and creative guy ... use your abilities.

all this sermonizing reminds me of Ghalib-
Ye kahan ki dosti hai,ke baney hain dost naaseh
Koi chaarashaz hota, Koi ghumgusar hota

Bland Spice said...

thanks alam. aisi advice ke liye mauqe ki talaash mat karaa karo :).

hmm koshish karta hun.

Note: That reminds me: I have to relearn Urdu some time.

subbu said...

no shackles are bound without your own complicity
no mediocrity can flourish without your own acceptance of mediocrity in others
breaking off is not the tough part...leaving everything behind is

this is your time, dude...take the leap...start something new...

subbu said...

this is the perfect response to your post - a NYTimes article about being a perfectionist, and how it might make u unhappy or too self-critical -

subbu said...

sorry, the correct link is this -

kanwal said...

there comes a phase in our lives when we all feel the same... exactly the same...!! thumbs up..!!

Nothing Spectacular said...

gullu, a simple (simplistic?)solution is to do ONE thing that you have not done before each week (ideally each day, but that is usually too tough). it helps tons!!