Monday, December 10, 2007

Campaign against Redif comments - II

Another example of the free speech

I have removed the comment. My only point of keeping it here was to show what shit is being poured out in the name of freedom Freedom comes with responsibility.

Very sad.
the khalistani rats ran away to canada when hindus raped their mummy in 1984. LOLOLby on Dec 10, 2007 08:20 PM Hide repliesall sikhs born in delhi are really hindus. ask their mothers. LOLOL


Rae said...


Nishant Kashyap said...

Very sad comment..Gullu I would urge you not to put such things on your blog..though I know you ar doing it in right earnest...but it just helps bring more attention to such silly stuff...:| give you ana nalogy its like ET carrying a Punjab Kesari scoop!