Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Questions I am facing currently

  1. Is there any way to get off the downward spiral of mediocirty that we all are in?
  2. Was Bogart the coolest/sexiest man to grace the screen?
  3. How do I rewrite the goddamn book?
  4. What do I read next?
  5. Which road do I take?

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Nothing Spectacular said...

there are some easy answers to these questions, in my humble opinion -
1. is there a downward spiral of mediocrity? i think mediocrity is a state of mind. anyone who refuses to accept things as they are is out of the spiral already. give up on 'chalta hai' and one is free!!
2. i think so. casablanca's rick was the best ever!!
3. hmmmm... dunno
4. read the hungry tide by amitava ghosh. lousy, but interesting because of its setting in the sunderbans. or you could try harshdeep jolly's (he was our junior) new book on life at iimb..
5. dunno again!!