Friday, May 11, 2007

The answers within

This is a nice post on the meaning of success - short and simple

Her point is " matter how far we go or how successful we get, there are so many aspects that remain unfulfilled, so many bones of contention, so many unhappy moments and so many desires that die without being realised."

In my comment, I have proposed Pareekh's Venn Diagram theory of life. To repeat, in this venn box there are lots of circles denoting personal space, relationships, career, art, etc. You can expand these circles to occupy the max space (as good time managers do) but ultimately if you want to expand a circle, you have to reduce some other. This is what balance is - how big a circle you want all these different aspects to be.

Ultimately, every decision is a sacrifice. It's up to you what you want to sacrifice.

Happiness is not defined by a hierarchy in the peer-pressure network, but comes from a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment from within. The strong know it, the weak take a lifetime to discover thiss.


Alam said...

Its only when you want to have it all that a "decision" becomes a "sacrifice".

If your needs are simple and you know what you want... then the "decision" becomes the "right choice".

Bland Spice said...


the observation held for people on a lesser plane of nirvana :).