Monday, October 01, 2012

Hello stranger

I see you on my buddy list.
I know you have a family - and close friends
Tucked somewhere.
But if we ever meet
What will we ever talk about
Beyond the banalities?
Would I ever break
A lunch date
The morning I hear of your death?
Would you?
Are you a business-card
I hoard then?
A scratch-a-back coupon?
Or a broken thread from
The cluttered tapestry of my past
I cannot let go? 
The day before my birthday
I change the date
To not receive your wish.
To not be burdened
With these ceremonies.
To not receive these gratuitous 
Kindness of strangers.


Nothing Spectacular said...

heh heh very nice. i think this is the real reason i stopped using orkut and never got onto facebook! after the first few hellos, there is little left to say or hear...

Bland Spice said...

Am trying to wean away as many of these names that have just become names now. also, made a list of close friends in fb that works better for me.

aparna said...

my sentiments subtle as a