Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Sikhs mistaken for Muslims

It is really regrettable that the Sikh community overseas is time and again targeted by low-IQ far-right terrorists. However, one plaintive argument  I listen to again and again after every such incident is to "educate" the white community at large and these potential killers in specific about who the Sikhs are and why they are NOT Muslims.
It doesn't matter.
Yes, these white bigoted retards and the larger community they spring from, sitting at the top of the advantages culled from a history of exploitation but conveniently ignorant of the larger earth and communities which produced them, need to be told that the world extends beyond their block. But not when they go and murder some innocent(s), be it Sikh or Muslim.
Then they need to be told that murdering innocents for alleged crimes by other members of their community is like any remaining Red Indian walking to a white man and shooting him in the head for the crimes of his ancestors. It is just not fair and is, by their own definition, terrorism. It does not matter if the identity of the innocent victim was wrongly interpreted by the killer or the bigot who stares at him in the bus. The crime of hatred would not have receded an inch if the victim really had been a Muslim.

Such pleas belittle the plight of the community and  reminds me of the scene in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer where the rioters board the bus looking for Muslims and the rest of the passengers instead of confronting them push the old Muslim couple towards them.

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