Monday, March 26, 2012

Ec lair or ek tum

The funny thing is that I actually thought about Mona Kapoor today while driving down from Nainital. The context was that i had passed a hair salon board bordered by a rather anachronistic Divya Bharti with Katrina Kaif. And I started thinking about Feroze Nadiadwala, and the way producers have with hereoines, and then Boney Kapoor, and finally how Mona Kapoor once attacked Sridevi. And I thought how I must be the only person in the world at the moment who does not know Ms. Mona personally but is thinking about her.
After landing in Lko at one, and checking the net after five days, I find that Ms. Mona Kapoor is dead.

Of all the desperate-for-soundbyte attempts, I recommend this one by TOI, its obit built entirely around tweets, giving us eclairy tidbits from the deceased Ms. Kapoor's life.

I hope when I am dead, my life is not summarized on what toffees I kept on my tables.

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