Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reclaimed unsettled days

The biggest dilemma when you step out of the stock corporate career is getting up on most days and not knowing what to do with the rest of the day. We tell ourselves that we work for the work, for the money, and if we are such good bullshitters that we can bullshit ourselves, to make the world safer and happier. Perhaps we do, in measures. But nothing compares to the fact that our work structures our life. It gives it an agenda-fitted calendar, deliverables and timelines. It gives us a set of protocols: what to wear, where to go when you wake up, how long to sit at various spots, the jargon, the workflows, the whole hog. At the most, it would give you back your weekends,   which you’ll spend, in all probability, half-thinking about the next week.

These are still early days. But getting up and knowing that the entire day yawns ahead of you, unanswered, too cramped with possibilities is a greatly unsettling feeling. And yet delightful.


Deep Fried said...

I hope you make the most of these days.

How are you?

Amit said...

Did that in January. It is so delightful that I got scared at some point and joined office again (was on a sabbat with no end date) ;)