Thursday, June 10, 2010


‘Doesn’t it get lonely?’, I’d asked Krithika after she’d tucked Ankit to bed and joined us in the balcony. A life – and a child – shared only over the weekends. ‘That’s what his job is like and, seriously, after a time it becomes a habit.’

Nidhi and I had turned to look at one another and behind our backs sought hands. We were still young then, the dullness of the hours at the office had not numbed us down yet and the novelty of being together was still fresh in us: we still made love in the morning and greeted each other with a kiss when we came back.

Habit sounded almost tragic then.


Pankaj said...


Karan said...
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Karan said...

Sorry mate, didn't work for me, something incongruous about it. "Sharing a life only over the weekend" seemed like a big tragedy which created interest; dullness of office is too small and tired. How can a narrator oscillate between grand and trivial thoughts so quickly?

BTW, thanks for everything. Johnny's going up quite well.

Bland Spice said...


I am hearing that. I even read an interview where you modestly denied the epithet of the next CB :)