Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mutt alike none other

Did the turn of the century throw all previous constructions of logic out of the window?

Here, Mutalik, the Ram Sene openly-asshole head, declares that the right to protest peacefully is a democratic right (actually, it's not: it's a fundamental right that can be guaranteed under any govt. form respecting them).

And Here, he's declared that he will marry off any couple he finds on the street: "those found dating, expressing their love, cosying up to each other". (So if you're found cosying to some one else, you would be married to that someone else and not the one you were not cosying to -- makes sense?)

How does he plan to do this "peaceful" protest?

Does he plan to bring the couples to the marriage registrar on the basis of his excellent oratorial and persuasive skills?
Or by threatening to unleash on them his mimicry of Keshto Mukherji?

There should be a law against criminal negligence of logic.

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