Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Things looking up

I handled a crisis without letting fear creep in
I called up three friends I hadn’t spoken to for some time – just like that
I have friends to bail me out
I didn’t call someone I desperately wanted to
I got out of something cleanly
I wrote something I liked
I called up home more regularly

Things still looking down

I couldn’t control my temper at the office
I was part of office gossip again
I didn’t call some friends I should have
I snapped at my mom jut coz I was in a crappy mood
I was not prepared for a trip
I still don’t have a fucking clue of what to do with myself
I am still miles away from becoming a person who can bail someone out

Things I did that I hadn’t
I made rotis – twice. One of them turned out to be perfect.
I cleaned up my place

Things I did that I always do

I slept late
I half-listened, half dreamed

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