Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thinking aloud

Is cynicism really idealism disguised?
People hurt that the world does not meet thier ideals?

Do people really change?
Are you any different from the kid years ago? You might have wisened up, have heaps of scartissues to show, become bitter - but is your first reaction any different?

Are the people with the answers the most clueless?


Oracle said...
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Oracle said...

the last one is a trick question, isn't it? A catch 22 .If I answer you will accuse me of being clueless and if I don't well then I am. :)

subbu said...

smart post...but rhetoric nevertheless...rhetoric, the enemy of straight talk -
Is cynicism really idealism disguised? - Quite the contrary, cynicism is really the envy of idealism...the secret fear of idealism, the wish that all ideals may crumble, so that you can feel good that you did not live up to your ideal...

Bland Spice said...


yup. rhetoric it is. cleverness, standalone, is superficial.

i think i agree with you.

:) guess irrespective of one's own opinion, none have the answers.

Monsieur K said...

interesting and thought provoking musings :)

Nishant Kashyap said...

I think cynicism is realism - knowing the real risks and not living in a dreamworld.

Yes people do change - haven't you realized that you can take a lot more crap from ppl than when you were in school or college - some ppl also call it maturity which supposedly comes with age - but I think its just cynicism -when you have finally realized that you cannot change the world - you just need to ignore it!